aeroplan missing points

How to Claim Aeroplan Missing Points in Canada?

Welcome to the world of Aeroplan – where jet-setting dreams come true! If you’re a frequent traveller in Canada, chances are you’ve heard of Aeroplan and its incredible rewards program. With every flight, hotel stay, or car rental, you earn valuable points that can be redeemed for exciting travel experiences. But what happens when those cherished points go missing? It …

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best hisa etf canada

Best High Yielding HISA ETFs Canada 2024

Looking for a safe and reliable way to grow your savings? Look no further than High-Interest Savings Account (HISA) ETFs in Canada! These innovative investment vehicles offer the perfect balance of security and high returns, making them an ideal choice for savvy investors. Whether you’re saving up for a down payment on your dream home or planning for retirement, HISA …

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transfer amex rewards to aeroplan

How to Transfer Amex Rewards to Aeroplan?

Have you been diligently earning American Express (Amex) Reward points and wondering how to make the most of them? Look no further! One fantastic option is transferring your Amex Rewards to Aeroplan, a loyalty program that allows you to redeem miles for flights, hotel stays, and more. This blog post will guide you through transferring your Amex Rewards to Aeroplan. …

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amex gift card canada

Buying & Using Amex Gift Cards in Canada: The 2024 Guide

Are you looking for the perfect gift that offers flexibility and convenience? Look no further than American Express (Amex) gift cards. These versatile prepaid cards are a great option for Canadian consumers who want to give their loved ones the freedom to choose their own gifts. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about buying …

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