where to buy ps5 canada

Where to Buy PS5 Canada?

Gamers all over Canada are eagerly waiting for the chance to get their hands on the highly coveted PlayStation 5. With its sleek design, lightning-fast speed, and impressive graphics, this gaming console is in high demand. But where can you buy a PS5 in Canada? Is it even possible right now? In this article, we’ll explore some of the top retailers that sell PS5s across Canada and answer some frequently asked questions about the availability and worthiness of this cutting-edge gaming system in 2023. So, let’s dive into the exciting world of PS5 shopping!

Where in Canada Can I Get PS5?

If you’re on the hunt for a PS5, you’ll be happy to know that several retailers across Canada sell this popular gaming console. One of the most well-known and reputable online retailers is Amazon.ca. They have a wide variety of PS5 options available, including bundles with games and accessories.

Another option is Staples, which offers both in-store pickup and delivery options for your convenience. Walmart also sells the PS5 online, where customers can choose from various bundles with or without additional games or controllers.

Costco members can also head to their website to purchase a PS5 bundle. In addition, GameStop has been offering pre-orders periodically, so it’s worth checking out their website frequently.

Remember that inventory may vary depending on the location and availability of stocks at different stores. Therefore, it’s always best to check each retailer’s website regularly for updates on stock levels before making any purchases.

Where in Canada Can I Get PS5

Where to buy PS5 Canada?

If you’re wondering if there’s anywhere you can order a PS5 in Canada, the answer is yes – but it might not be as easy as simply clicking “buy now” on your preferred retailer’s website.

Due to high demand and limited supply, many retailers have sold out of their initial stock of PS5 consoles. However, some retailers are still accepting pre-orders for future stock or allowing customers to sign up for email notifications when more inventory becomes available.

One such retailer is Amazon.ca, which currently has listings for the standard and digital editions of the PS5 with a note that says “currently unavailable.” While this may seem discouraging at first glance, it’s worth keeping an eye on their page and signing up for alerts so you’ll know when they become available again.

Other options include Staples, Costco and Walmart – all of whom have previously carried the console. Keep checking these retailers’ websites regularly or sign up for email updates to stay informed about potential restocks.

While ordering a PS5 may require some persistence and patience in Canada right now due to high demand and low availability, there are certainly options available if you’re willing to put in a bit of effort.

1. Amazon.caAmazon.ca

Amazon.ca is one of Canada’s most popular online retailers and offers a wide selection of products, including the elusive PlayStation 5. However, it can be difficult to find the console in stock on their website due to high demand.

One way to increase your chances of getting a PS5 from Amazon.ca is by signing up for email notifications. This will alert you when the product becomes available again and allow you to purchase it before it sells on Amazon.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Amazon often releases new stock at random times and dates. Therefore, checking their website frequently throughout the day is important if you’re serious about purchasing a PS5 through them.

While Amazon may not always have the best prices or deals on PlayStation 5 consoles, they do offer fast shipping and reliable customer service. Plus, with their vast network of sellers and resellers, there’s always a chance that someone might list an available PS5 at market value rather than inflated prices seen elsewhere.

While buying from Amazon.ca may require some patience and persistence, given its popularity as an online retailer, frequently checking for availability updates could eventually lead you toward securing your very own PlayStation 5!

Website: www.amazon.ca

2. Staples 

Staples Looking to buy a PS5 in Canada? Staples is one of the places you can check out. This office supply store has been around for over 30 years and now offers an online marketplace that includes gaming consoles.

Staples carries both the disc-based and digital versions of the PlayStation 5 and various accessories such as controllers and charging stations.

Their website makes it easy to search for available stock by entering your postal code. If there’s no stock available at your local store, you can choose to order online and have it shipped directly to your door.

While Staples may not be the first place that comes to mind when looking for gaming consoles, they offer a convenient option with their online marketplace and multiple locations across Canada. So if you’re still on the hunt for a PS5, check out what Staples has in stock.

Website: www.staples.ca

3. Walmart 

Walmart Walmart is a well-known retail store that has been operating in Canada since the early 90s. It offers various products, including electronics, groceries, clothing and household items. The good news for gamers looking to buy PS5 is that Walmart.ca sells this console too!

When finding where to buy PS5 Canada, Walmart should definitely be on your list. Although the demand for PlayStation 5 is high and stocks are usually limited, Walmart regularly updates its website with new stock arrivals.

One of the benefits of buying from Walmart.ca is their free shipping policy on orders over $35 (excluding oversized items). This means you can purchase other gaming accessories or games alongside your PS5 without worrying about additional shipping fees.

Another advantage of purchasing through their website is the option for in-store pickup. You can order online and pick it up at a nearby physical location within hours if they have it in stock.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use online shopping platform with various delivery options, check out Walmart when searching where to buy PS5 canada!

Website: www.walmart.ca/

4. Costco 

Costco CanadaIf you’re a Costco member, then you might want to check their website for PS5 availability. While Costco doesn’t always have the console in stock, they occasionally offer bundles that include games and accessories along with the PS5.

The prices of these bundles vary depending on what’s included, but it’s worth noting that Costco members can often get a good deal when buying in bulk or bundling items together.

One thing to remember is that ordering from Costco may have some drawbacks. For example, shipping times may be longer than other retailers due to high demand and limited supply. Additionally, if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, returning it may require more steps than simply returning to a physical store location.

While purchasing a PS5 through Costco may not be the easiest option, it could be worth checking their website periodically for bundle offers or restocks.

Website: www.costco.ca

5. GameStop 

GameStop GameStop is a popular retailer for gaming enthusiasts. They have over 5,000 stores in nine countries, including Canada. You can buy PS5 at GameStop through their online store or visit any physical location.

One advantage of buying from GameStop is that they offer various payment options like credit cards and PayPal to make the process easier. They also provide free shipping on orders above $35.

Unfortunately, just like other retailers, GameStop has struggled to keep up with the high demand for PS5 due to its limited supply. This means that even if you check often, there’s no guarantee that you’ll find the console in stock.

However, don’t get discouraged, as it’s still worth checking their website regularly or calling your local store to inquire about availability. Who knows? You might be one of the lucky few who will snag a unit!

While GameStop may not always have PS5s in stock due to high demand and low supply levels, it’s still worth checking out if you want to purchase one anytime soon.

Website: www.gamestop.ca

Why is PS5 out of Stock in Canada?

The PlayStation 5 has been one of the most highly anticipated gaming consoles in recent years. But, unfortunately, getting your hands on one in Canada has also been very difficult. The primary reason for this shortage is due to a global supply chain issue caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic resulted in disruptions across all industries, including manufacturing and shipping. Like many other electronics companies, Sony struggled to keep up with demand due to these setbacks. Additionally, there have been reports of scalpers using bots to quickly purchase large quantities of PS5s as soon as they become available online.

Another factor contributing to the stock shortages could be related to an increase in demand for at-home entertainment during lockdown measures implemented throughout Canada and the world. As a result, many people may have turned towards video games to pass the time while staying home more often than usual.

While there are likely multiple reasons why the PS5 remains out of stock across Canadian retailers, it seems that a combination of COVID-related interruptions and high consumer demand are two major factors at play here.

Is It Hard to Buy Ps5 in Canada?

With the high demand for PlayStation 5 in Canada, it’s no surprise that many people find purchasing one challenging. The limited stock of PS5 consoles is a significant factor contributing to the difficulty of buying one. Retailers often receive a small number of units, which sell out quickly.

Another reason why acquiring a PS5 is also hard in Canada is because scalpers and resellers buy up available stock and then sell them at inflated prices. This practice makes it difficult for genuine buyers to get their hands on a console at its regular price.

Furthermore, COVID-19 has also impacted supply chains, production lines, and transportation logistics globally, causing delays in restocking inventory. As such, retailers may not have an accurate timeline for when they will receive new shipments of PS5s.

Despite these obstacles, some strategies can help increase your chances of getting hold of a PS5. These include monitoring online retailer websites frequently, signing up for email notifications when stocks become available, joining social media groups dedicated to alerting members about where they can find the console or contacting local stores directly.

While acquiring a PS5 in Canada may be challenging due to factors beyond our control, such as low stock availability and reselling practices by scalpers, persistence and careful planning using some strategies mentioned above could improve your chances significantly!

Is PS5 worth it in 2023?

Looking ahead to 2023, many gamers wonder if the PS5 will still be worth it. Of course, it’s a valid question considering how quickly technology advances and improves. However, given the impressive specs of the PS5 and its potential for future game releases, it’s safe to say that this console will remain relevant for years to come.

One factor that ensures the longevity of gaming consoles is their ability to adapt and evolve over time. The PS5 is no exception, as it has already shown great promise with its advanced features, such as haptic feedback controllers and lightning-fast loading times.

Is PS5 worth it in 2023

Another reason why the PS5 is worth investing in, even in 2023, is because of its compatibility with upcoming games. Many highly anticipated titles like God of War: Ragnarok and Horizon Forbidden West have been confirmed for release on both the PS4 and PS5, but they’ll likely run smoother on Sony’s latest console.

While only time can tell what advancements we’ll see in gaming technology by 2023, there are many reasons why purchasing a PS5 now would be a wise investment for any avid gamer looking towards future-proofing their setup.


Buying a PlayStation 5 in Canada might not be an easy task at the moment due to its high demand and limited stock. However, several stores, such as Amazon.ca, Staples, Walmart, Costco, and GameStop, have restocked their supplies recently.

It’s important to keep checking these stores frequently or setting up notifications for when they receive new PS5 shipments. Also, consider pre-ordering from official retailers whenever possible to ensure you get your console as soon as it is released.

The PlayStation 5 is definitely worth it if gaming is a big part of your life. With its innovative features and impressive graphics capabilities, that will only improve with time as developers optimize games for the system’s hardware. So don’t give up trying to find one – persistence can pay off in this case!

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