Top 10 BC Clothing Companies in Canada

Welcome to our list of the top 10 BC clothing companies in Canada! This article is for you if you’re looking for stylish, high-quality, locally-made apparel. British Columbia is home to some of Canada’s most innovative and creative fashion designers and brands, focusing on sustainability, craftsmanship and unique designs. So whether you’re searching for trendy streetwear or classic formal wear, these BC-based clothing companies have covered you. So without further ado, let’s dive into our top picks!

List of Top 10 BC clothing companies in Canada

1. BB.GG

BB.GGBB.GG is a Vancouver-based clothing company known for their minimalist and contemporary designs. Their mission is to create timeless pieces that can be worn in any season and for any occasion, blending comfort and style seamlessly.

One of the standout features of BB.GG’s clothing line uses eco-friendly materials such as bamboo, organic cotton, Tencel and recycled polyester. They are committed to reducing the environmental impact of fashion production while ensuring their garments’ durability and quality.

BB.GG’s collections range from casual wear like hoodies, t-shirts and joggers to more formal attire such as blazers, dresses and jumpsuits. Their colour palette consists mostly of neutrals like black, white, grey and beige, with occasional pops of pastels or bold hues.

What sets them apart from other clothing companies is their attention to detail in both design and construction. Every piece has clean lines, precise stitching and functional features such as pockets or adjustable straps. Whether dressing up or down, BB.GG offers versatile wardrobe staples that will last you seasons to come.


2. Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers Brooks Brothers is a classic American clothing brand that has been around for over two centuries. With its reputation for fine tailoring and impeccable style, the company has become synonymous with timeless elegance and sophistication.

At Brooks Brothers Canada, customers can expect high-quality apparel for both men and women. From dress shirts to suits, sportswear to accessories, there’s something for everyone in their collections.

One of the standout features of Brooks Brothers is their commitment to sustainability. The company uses eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester in many of its products. So you can feel good about your purchase knowing it was made with the environment in mind.

In addition to their clothing offerings, Brooks Brothers also offer a range of services, such as custom-made suits and alterations. Their knowledgeable staff are always on hand to provide expert advice on anything from fit to style.

If you’re looking for classic pieces that stand the test of time without sacrificing style or quality, Brooks Brothers Canada should be on your list of BC clothing companies.


3. Simons

SimonsSimons is a Canadian clothing company that has been in business with over 20 locations across Canada; they offer a wide range of clothing for men and women.

One thing that differentiates Simons from other BC clothing companies is their focus on sustainable and ethical fashion. They have created eco-friendly collections from organic cotton, recycled polyester, and Tencel fibres.

In addition to their commitment to sustainability, Simons offers fashionable pieces at an affordable price point. They carry various brands, including Levi’s, Vans, Adidas and Calvin Klein.

Simons prides itself on being a family-owned business with deep roots in its community. As a result, they often partner with local artists and designers to create unique collaborations exclusive to Simons stores.

Another standout feature of this BC clothing company is their exceptional customer service. Their knowledgeable staff are always ready to help customers find what they want or provide styling advice.

Simons offers quality clothes at reasonable prices while focusing on sustainability and supporting the local community – making them an excellent choice for anyone looking for stylish yet conscious fashion options in British Columbia.


4. L/L Supply

L/L Supply L/L Supply is a Canadian clothing brand that offers high-quality apparel and accessories for both men and women. Two friends with the same passion for fashion, sustainability, and adventure started the company.

One of L/L Supply’s core values is creating sustainable products with minimal environmental impact. They use natural materials like organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, and recycled fibres to produce their clothes. In addition to this, they ensure that their manufacturing processes are ethical and transparent.

Its product line includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets, hats & beanies, bags & pouches. Each item has a simple yet stylish design that can be worn anytime – from outdoor adventures to casual outings with friends.

What sets them apart from other clothing brands is their commitment to giving back through various initiatives, such as donating 1% of sales towards environmental causes or partnering with organizations like Surfrider Foundation Canada to clean up beaches nationwide.

L/L Supply embodies what it means to be a modern Canadian brand: eco-consciousness mixed with style and adventure-seeking spirit.


5. Vincent Park

Vincent Park Vincent Park is a modern clothing brand that has been making waves in the fashion industry with their unique designs and commitment to sustainability. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Vincent Park offers a range of high-quality clothes for men and women.

One thing that sets Vincent Park apart from other clothing brands is their use of eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, hemp, Tencel, and recycled polyester. They also ensure ethical manufacturing practices by working with factories certified by Fair Trade or SA8000.

Apart from being environmentally conscious, Vincent Park’s clothing line is stylish and contemporary. From minimalist t-shirts to trendy jackets, they have something for everyone without compromising quality or design.

Vincent Park’s attention to detail is evident in every piece they create. As a result, their clothes look and feel good, too – thanks to their comfortable fabrics and well-crafted cuts.

Vincent Park should be on your radar if you’re looking for sustainable yet fashionable clothing options in BC, Canada!


6. The Block

The Block The Block is a Vancouver-based clothing brand that offers high-quality apparel for both men and women. The company’s design philosophy centres on creating timeless, functional, stylish pieces. The brand prides itself on using sustainable materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester.

The Block’s collection features versatile clothing items suitable for any occasion, from casual wear to formal attire. Their signature product is the “Block Tee,” a classic t-shirt made with premium cotton material in various colours.

Apart from their commitment to sustainability, The Block also supports local communities by donating a portion of their profits to non-profit organizations in Vancouver. This further emphasizes the company’s values of social responsibility and environmental consciousness.

The Block stands out among other BC clothing companies due to its dedication to sustainability and community involvement while delivering high-quality fashion products designed for comfort and style.


7. Still North Design Co

Still North Design CoStill North Design Co. is a Canadian clothing company that emphasises sustainable fashion’s importance. They believe in creating quality products that look good, are ethically made, and are environmentally conscious.

Their collection includes comfortable, stylish pieces like cosy sweaters, graphic tees, and trendy hats. Each item is carefully crafted using eco-friendly materials to minimize their impact on the planet.

Apart from promoting sustainability, Still North Design Co. supports local artisans by showcasing their work through collaborations and partnerships. This allows them to provide unique pieces while supporting small businesses simultaneously.

With their commitment to ethical practices, Still North Design Co. has become popular among consumers who value sustainability in fashion choices without sacrificing style or comfort.

Still North Design Co.’s dedication to sustainable fashion is admirable, making them an excellent addition to our list of top BC clothing companies worth checking out!


8. Get Dressed

Get Dressed Get Dressed is a BC clothing company specialising in effortless and modern fashion. Their philosophy revolves around dressing well with minimal effort, making their clothes perfect for everyday wear.

Their commitment to sustainable and ethical practices sets Get Dressed apart from other clothing companies. They use eco-friendly materials such as Tencel and organic cotton and manufacture their products locally to reduce their carbon footprint.

Get Dressed’s collection includes versatile pieces that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. From cosy knitwear to chic dresses, there is something for everyone in their range of timeless designs.

Their website also offers styling tips and suggestions on mixing and matching various pieces to create different looks. This makes it easy for customers to build a capsule wardrobe that reflects their style without sacrificing comfort or sustainability.

If you’re looking for stylish yet sustainable clothing options, look no further than Get Dressed. With their focus on quality design and responsible manufacturing practices, they are quickly becoming one of BC’s top clothing companies.


9. Gap Factory

Gap Factory Gap Factory is a popular clothing company that has established itself as one of the leading brands in Canada. The company offers affordable, high-quality clothing, accessories, and footwear for men, women, and kids.

One of the unique aspects of Gap Factory is its focus on sustainability. The company prioritizes eco-friendly practices to reduce waste and conserve resources. They use recycled materials in their products and packaging, aligning with consumers’ increasing demands for sustainable fashion.

Gap Factory’s product range includes everything from casual wear to formal attire. Customers can find T-shirts, jeans, dresses, suits, shoes- you name it! Their collections are trendy yet timeless – meaning customers can wear their clothes season after season without going out of style.

The brand also offers a wide range of sizes catering to all body types- petite or plus size included, making them more inclusive than other companies that often neglect these demographics.

If you’re looking for stylish clothing that doesn’t break the bank while being mindful of your carbon footprint, Gap Factory may be the perfect choice!


10. Four Horsemen Shop

Four Horsemen Shop Four Horsemen Shop is a BC-based clothing company that boasts of being one of the best destinations for men’s fashion. The brand has been around for over a decade, and it’s known for its carefully curated selection of high-quality clothing from some of the world’s leading brands.

One thing that sets Four Horsemen Shop apart from other clothing companies in British Columbia is their commitment to sustainability. The company sources its materials responsibly and works with ethical suppliers to ensure that they minimize their environmental impact.

Four Horsemen Shop offers everything from casual to formal attire designed to cater to the modern man’s needs. So whether you are looking for something classic or trendy, you’ll find plenty of options at this store.

Another great thing about Four Horsemen Shop is their customer service. Their staff are knowledgeable and always willing to help customers find their needs. They also offer alterations on-site, ensuring that every piece fits perfectly.

If you’re looking for high-quality men’s fashion in British Columbia, Four Horsemen Shop should be on your list of places to check out.



There you have it: BB’s top 10 BC clothing companies in Canada.GG’s trendy streetwear to Brooks Brothers’ classic suits and Simons’ fashion-forward designs, there is no shortage of great options.

Whether you’re looking for casual wear or something more formal, these companies offer a wide range of styles that cater to different tastes and preferences. So why not support local businesses and check out some fantastic brands?

No matter your style, there is undoubtedly a company on this list that will meet your needs. So go ahead and explore all that these amazing BC clothing companies have to offer!

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