Bra Companies in canada

Top 10 Bra Companies in Canada

Ladies, it’s time to bid farewell to that old, uncomfortable bra and say hello to Canada’s top 10 bra companies! Whether you’re looking for something supportive or sexy, practical or playful, these companies have covered you. From Forever Yours Lingerie to Purple Cactus Lingerie, we’ve scoured the country to bring you the best. So sit back, relax and get ready to find your new favourite bra!

Top 10 Bra Companies in Canada

1. Forever Yours Lingerie

Forever Yours LingerieForever Yours Lingerie is a Vancouver-based bra company that offers an extensive collection of bras, lingerie and swimwear in sizes ranging from A to K cups. This inclusive sizing policy ensures that every woman can find the perfect fit for her body type.

What sets Forever Yours Lingerie apart from other companies is their personalized service. Their team of expert fitters takes the time to measure and assess each customer’s needs, ensuring they leave with a comfortable and supportive bra.

In addition to their excellent customer service, Forever Yours Lingerie also offers a wide range of styles, from everyday t-shirt bras to sexy lace balconettes. They even have a selection of mastectomy bras for women undergoing breast cancer surgery.

But it’s not just about function – it understands that style is as important as comfort. So they offer trendy designs featuring bold colours, playful prints and intricate details.

It provides exceptional quality products paired with top-notch service – making them one of Canada’s top go-to brands for lingerie shopping!


2. Uplifted Bra Services

Uplifted Bra ServicesLooking for a bra that provides the perfect uplift? Look no further than Uplifted Bra Services. This Canadian company specializes in helping women find the right bra size and style to flatter their unique figure.

It offers personalized fittings with expert staff who measure and correctly fit bras. They carry many sizes, including hard-to-find sizes for larger busts or petite frames.

But it’s not just about finding the right size – Uplifted Bra Services also carries a variety of styles to suit different needs and preferences. From comfortable everyday bras to sexy lingerie, they have something for every occasion.

Plus, their online store makes it easy to shop from anywhere in Canada. With free shipping on orders over $75 and hassle-free returns, there’s no reason not to try Uplifted Bra Services.

So if you’re tired of ill-fitting bras that don’t provide enough support or comfort, head over to Uplifted Bra Services and let them help you find your perfect fit.


3. Linea Intima

Linea IntimaLinea Intima is one of the top bra companies in Canada that has been around for years. They offer a wide range of lingerie and swimwear options, including bras, underwear, shapewear, and more.

One thing that sets Linea Intima apart from other bra companies is their focus on fit. They have certified bra fitters who can help customers find the perfect size and style to suit their needs.

In addition to selling high-quality products, Linea Intima also offers various services, such as bridal consultations and mastectomy fittings. This makes them an excellent choice for women looking for specialized attention.

Their website is easy to navigate, with clear product descriptions and images that show how each item looks on different body types. Plus, they frequently update their inventory with new arrivals so customers can always find something fresh.

Linea Intima is an exceptional company that provides quality products and personalized service to its customers. Women across Canada trust this brand when finding stylish, comfortable, supportive pieces.


4. Brachic

BrachicBrachic is a well-known bra company that offers unique styles and designs for women looking for something different. They specialize in providing bras that fit perfectly and support the bust, which is important for overall comfort.

One thing that sets Brachic apart from other companies is its commitment to finding the perfect bra size for each customer. Their experienced staff takes measurements and works with customers to find a bra that fits like a glove.

It also carries a wide range of sizes, including larger cup sizes, so women don’t have to sacrifice style or support when shopping for bras.

In addition to traditional bras, it also offers sports and swimwear options, making it easy for women to feel confident and comfortable no matter their actions.

Brachic’s focus on personalized service and quality products has made them one of the top bra companies in Canada.


5. Mastectomy Lingerie 0026 More

Mastectomy Lingerie 0026 MoreMastectomy Lingerie 0026 More is a Canadian bra company that provides comfortable and stylish lingerie for women who have undergone mastectomy surgery. In addition, the company provides an extensive range of bras, swimwear, and accessories to help women feel confident and beautiful.

One great thing about Mastectomy Lingerie 0026 More is their commitment to customer service. They offer personalized fitting services in-store or virtually, which can be especially helpful for women who may feel nervous or self-conscious about shopping for lingerie after their surgery.

In addition, the company offers a wide selection of products from top brands such as Amoena, Anita Care, Trulife and more. Their website includes detailed product descriptions and sizing information to make online shopping easy and stress-free.

But what sets Mastectomy Lingerie 0026 More apart is their dedication to supporting breast cancer survivors beyond just selling bras. They regularly host events to fund breast cancer research and patient support programs. It’s inspiring to see a company that truly cares about making a difference in the lives of its customers.


6. Princess Lingerie Boutique

Princess Lingerie BoutiquePrincess Lingerie Boutique is a Canadian-based company that specializes in high-quality lingerie for women. In addition, they offer an extensive collection of bras, panties, corsets, and sleepwear from top international brands.

One unique feature of Princess Lingerie Boutique is their personalized fitting service. Customers can book an appointment with one of their experienced fitters to ensure they find the perfect bra size and style for their body type.

The boutique also offers a wide range of sizes, including plus sizes up to 4X. This commitment to inclusivity makes them stand out among other lingerie companies in Canada.

In addition to traditional lingerie pieces, Princess Lingerie Boutique also carries bridal lingerie sets and maternity wear options for expecting mothers.

Their online store provides easy access to their entire selection, with free shipping on orders over $100 within Canada. And if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, they have a hassle-free returns policy.

Its dedication to quality products and exceptional customer service make them a standout choice when shopping for intimate apparel in Canada.


7. Essentials Lingerie

Essentials LingerieEssentials Lingerie is a Canadian brand that offers comfortable and high-quality lingerie for all body types. They pride themselves on being size inclusive, with bras ranging from 28A to 46H, ensuring every customer can find the perfect fit.

Their collection includes various styles, such as t-shirt bras, sports bras, wire-free bras, and bralettes. Essentials Lingerie also offers matching panties in different cuts and sizes to complete your look.

One great thing about this company is its commitment to sustainability. They use eco-friendly materials like bamboo and recycled nylon in their products to reduce environmental impact.

Essentials Lingerie emphasizes making sure customers feel confident and comfortable in their lingerie. Their website features a helpful fitting guide and tips on care instructions for your undergarments.

If you’re looking for stylish and comfortable lingerie while being environmentally conscious, too – Essentials Lingerie has got you covered!


8. Polka Dot Bra – Bras in all sizes

Polka Dot Bra - Bras in all sizesPolka Dot Bra is a Canadian bra company offering all sizes of bras. They specialize in providing bras for women who may have difficulty finding the right size or style at other stores. What sets Polka Dot Bra apart from other companies is their commitment to customer service and education.

Their website features a comprehensive fit guide to help customers find their perfect size and detailed product descriptions and reviews. This attention to detail ensures that every customer feels confident and comfortable purchasing.

It also offers various styles, from everyday t-shirt bras to sexy lace options. So no matter what your preferences are, they have something for everyone.

In addition to traditional bras, Polka Dot Bra carries mastectomy bras for women who have undergone breast surgery. These specialized products provide comfort and support during difficult times.

It is an excellent choice for anyone looking for high-quality bras in all sizes. In addition, their focus on customer service and education makes them stand out in the crowded lingerie market.


9. The Bra Room

The Bra RoomThe Bra Room is a Canadian lingerie boutique specialising in bra fittings and carrying an extensive range of sizes. In addition, they offer personalized fitting services to ensure customers find the perfect fit for their unique body shape.

Their team of experts understands that every woman’s body is different, so they take the time to measure and assess each customer before recommending bras from their collection. As a result, the store features a diverse range of styles, including sports bras, strapless bras, balconette bras, push-up bras and more.

It also offers post-surgical options for women who have undergone breast surgery or are dealing with other medical conditions. Their compassionate staff will help these women find comfortable and supportive undergarments catering to their needs.

In addition to offering exceptional customer service, The Bra Room keeps up with the latest trends in lingerie fashion so customers can stay stylish while feeling confident and comfortable. With locations in Alberta and Saskatchewan, this retailer has become a go-to destination for those seeking quality intimates and personalized attention.


10. Purple Cactus Lingerie

Purple Cactus LingeriePurple Cactus Lingerie is a Canadian brand that offers comfortable and stylish lingerie for women of all sizes. They believe in celebrating every woman’s body type and offer a wide range of bra sizes from A to K cups.

What sets Purple Cactus apart is their commitment to sustainability. They use eco-friendly materials and practices throughout their production process, making it easy for conscious shoppers to support the brand.

Their website features a variety of styles, including bras, panties, bodysuits, and loungewear. Each piece has its unique design element, whether intricate lace detailing or bold colour choices.

In addition to selling online, Purple Cactus has a storefront in Calgary where customers can try on pieces before purchasing. Their friendly staff provide personalized fittings so customers can find the perfect fit for their body type.

Purple Cactus Lingerie is fashionable and environmentally conscious, with excellent customer service making them an exceptional choice among Canada’s top bra companies.



Plenty of fantastic bra companies in Canada offer a wide range of styles, sizes and brands. So whether you’re looking for lingerie for a special occasion or everyday wear, there is something for everyone.

Forever Yours Lingerie stands out with their excellent customer service and extensive selection of bras. Uplifted Bra Services offers personalized fittings to ensure the perfect fit. Linea Intima has high-end luxury lingerie from top designers, while Brachic specializes in hard-to-find sizes.

Mastectomy Lingerie & More provides women who have undergone breast cancer surgery with comfortable and stylish options. In addition, Princess Lingerie Boutique showcases elegant pieces worldwide, while Essentials Lingerie has affordable everyday bras.

Polka Dot Bra offers fashionable bras in all sizes, while The Bra Room focuses on sports and maternity wear. Finally, purple Cactus Lingerie brings unique designs to the market that you won’t find anywhere else.

These 10 bra companies are at the forefront of Canada’s lingerie industry, catering to every need imaginable. So go ahead and check them out – your undergarment drawer will thank you!

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