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Top 10 Best Restaurants in Kanata

Welcome to Kanata, a beautiful city in Canada that boasts some of the best restaurants in the country. If you are a foodie and love to explore new cuisines, then Kanata is a place to visit. From Mediterranean delights to Eastern flavours and classic BBQs to modern bistros, this city has it all for fine dining experiences. In this blog post, we have rounded up the top 10 best Kanata restaurants that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more! So prepare for an unforgettable culinary journey through our carefully curated list of must-visit eateries in Kanata!

Top 10 Best Restaurants in Kanata

1. Eddy’s Mediterranean Bistro 

Eddy's Mediterranean Bistro Eddy’s Mediterranean Bistro is a gem of Kanata, offering authentic and delicious dishes that transport you straight to the shores of the Mediterranean. From its cozy ambiance to impeccable service, this restaurant has everything to make your dining experience memorable.

Start your meal with their famous hummus or stuffed grape leaves filled with aromatic rice and herbs. For entrees, try their succulent lamb shank on a bed of fluffy couscous or choose one of their vegetarian options like falafel platter or spinach pie.

The highlight of any visit to Eddy’s is undoubtedly their signature dish – grilled octopus. The perfectly cooked tender meat and flavorful spices will leave you wanting more. Pair it with a glass of wine from their impressive selection for an unforgettable culinary journey.

With reasonable prices and friendly staff, Eddy’s Mediterranean Bistro is worth checking out next time you are in Kanata!

Website: https://eddysbistro.ca

2. Eastern Flavours 

Eastern Flavours Eastern Flavours is a renowned Kanata restaurant that offers authentic Indian cuisine. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you will be greeted by its warm and welcoming ambiance, setting the tone for an enjoyable dining experience.

The menu at Eastern Flavours boasts a wide range of dishes, from classic curries to flavorful biryanis and tandoori specialties. Each dish uses fresh ingredients and traditional cooking techniques, ensuring every bite is bursting with flavour.

One of the standout dishes at Eastern Flavours is their butter chicken – a creamy tomato-based curry that pairs perfectly with fragrant basmati rice or freshly baked naan bread. Another must-try dish on their menu is the lamb rogan josh – a rich and hearty stew made with tender chunks of lamb in aromatic spices.

In addition to their delicious food, Eastern Flavours also offers excellent service from knowledgeable staff who are happy to recommend dishes based on your preferences. Whether for lunch or dinner, this Kanata restaurant should be on your list of places to try!

Website: http://www.easternflavours.com

3. Souq Lebanese Grill 

Souq Lebanese Grill Souq Lebanese Grill is a cozy and welcoming restaurant that serves authentic Lebanese cuisine. From the moment you step inside, you’ll be greeted by the friendly staff and the delicious aroma of freshly prepared food.

The menu at Souq Lebanese Grill features a variety of dishes, including kebabs, shawarma, falafel, and hummus. All their dishes are made with high-quality ingredients and traditional Middle Eastern spices.

One must-try dish is their mixed grill platter which includes an assortment of grilled meats such as chicken kabobs, beef kabobs, and lamb chops alongside rice pilaf, salad and garlic sauce. Vegetarians or vegans have plenty of options like lentil soup served with pita bread or vegan versions of tabbouleh or labneh dips.

The restaurant’s ambiance is charming, with bright-coloured walls adorned with pictures from Lebanon. There’s also outdoor seating available on warm summer days for those who want to enjoy their meal under blue skies.

Souq Lebanese Grill offers excellent service and delicious food in Kanata, making it one of the top-notch restaurants in the area for Middle Eastern cuisine lovers.

Website: http://order.souqyqg.ca

4. Treehouse Bar & Grill

Treehouse Bar & Grill Treehouse Bar & Grill is a warm and cozy restaurant in Kanata that will make you feel like dining in a treehouse. The ambiance is warm and inviting, with wooden accents and dim lighting.

Their menu offers classic pub fare with an interesting twist. Their burgers are juicy and flavorful, while their sandwiches are packed with fresh ingredients. For those who love seafood, they serve delicious fish tacos that have just the right amount of spice.

One of the best things about Treehouse Bar & Grill is its impressive selection of craft beers on tap. You can choose from local brews or international favourites; you won’t be disappointed.

The Treehouse Bar & Grill staff is friendly and attentive to your needs. They go out of their way to ensure an enjoyable dining experience.

If you’re looking for a unique dining experience combining great food with an inviting atmosphere, Treehouse Bar & Grill should be on your list of top Kanata restaurants to try out!

Website: http://treehousebarandgrill.com

5. Sun Hong Bbq 

Sun Hong Bbq Sun Hong BBQ is a Chinese restaurant located in Kanata, Canada. This restaurant has been serving some of the best Cantonese food that is simply delicious and affordable.

Their menu offers various dishes, such as roasted ducks, pork belly, chicken curry, and more. The flavours are rich and authentic to their roots.

The atmosphere inside Sun Hong BBQ is cozy, with an open kitchen where you can see all the chefs working hard on preparing your meal. You can also order takeout if you don’t want to dine in.

One of their signature dishes is their crispy skin roasted duck served with rice or noodles. It’s worth trying out!

The staff here are friendly and attentive, ensuring customers get their orders promptly and have a great dining experience.

Sun Hong BBQ provides excellent service while delivering mouth-watering cuisine at an affordable price point – making it one of the top restaurants in Kanata to visit if you’re craving authentic Cantonese food!

Website: http://www.sunhongwindsor.com

6. Parks & Rec 

Parks & Rec Parks & Rec is a Kanata restaurant with an innovative and fun atmosphere. The interior design has different themes, like sports, movies, and video games. This place is perfect for those who want to enjoy good food while having a great time with friends or family.

The menu of Parks & Rec offers delicious options such as burgers, pizzas, chicken wings, tacos and more. Their generous portions make it the ideal spot for sharing plates with loved ones. They also have vegetarian options available on their menu.

One of the most unique features of Parks & Rec is its self-serve beer wall, where you can pour your drinks from various taps lined up along the wall. It’s a great way to try different beers without committing to one full pint!

If you’re looking for entertainment beyond just eating out at a restaurant in Kanata, this place won’t disappoint – they have pool tables and arcade games too! With all these activities available under one roof, spending hours here enjoying yourself is easy.

Parks & Rec provides excellent food and service in an entertaining environment, making it worth visiting repeatedly!

Website: https://parksrec.ca

7. Shanghai Bistro 

Shanghai Bistro Shanghai Bistro is a Chinese restaurant in Kanata that offers authentic and delicious dishes. As soon as you enter the place, you’ll be welcomed by its beautiful interior decorations, giving you a taste of Shanghai.

Their menu features an extensive selection of traditional Chinese cuisines, such as dim sum, noodles, soups, seafood dishes and more. One of their signature dishes is the xiao long bao or soup dumplings steamed to perfection with flavorful fillings inside.

Its food and excellent service set Shanghai Bistro apart from other Chinese restaurants. The staff are friendly and attentive, ensuring your dining experience goes smoothly.

The cozy yet sophisticated atmosphere makes it perfect for date nights or family gatherings. They also offer takeout services if you’re in a hurry or simply prefer to eat at home.

If you’re looking for authentic Chinese cuisine with great service in Kanata, then Shanghai Bistro should be on your list!

Website: https://shanghaibistro.ca

8. Walkerville Eatery 

Walkerville Eatery Walkerville Eatery is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a cozy spot to grab some comfort food. This family-owned restaurant offers a warm, welcoming atmosphere with friendly staff and delicious dishes.

Their menu features classic Canadian fare with creative twists, such as their signature poutine topped with pulled pork or creamy mac and cheese loaded with bacon. They also offer vegetarian options like roasted vegetable wrap, packed with flavour and texture.

The ambiance of this eatery is rustic yet modern, making it perfect for date night or a casual dinner catch-up with friends. The decor includes beautiful exposed brick walls and trendy light fixtures that create a unique dining experience.

One thing that sets Walkerville Eatery apart from other restaurants in Kanata is its commitment to using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. This supports local businesses and ensures fresh and flavorful food on your plate.

If you’re searching for tasty comfort food in a cozy setting, add Walkerville Eatery to your list of must-try Kanata restaurants!

Website: http://www.walkervilleeatery.com

9. The Twisted Apron 

The Twisted Apron The Twisted Apron is a cozy and welcoming restaurant in Kanata that offers an upscale dining experience with a casual atmosphere. Local, seasonal ingredients inspire the menu and feature classic dishes with a modern twist.

One of the standout dishes at The Twisted Apron is their braised beef short rib, which melts in your mouth and is served alongside creamy mashed potatoes and sautéed greens. For seafood lovers, the pan-seared scallops are another must-try dish with a flavorful lemon butter sauce.

In addition to its delicious food, The Twisted Apron also has an impressive selection of wines from around the world. Their knowledgeable staff can help you choose the perfect pairing for your meal.

The ambiance at The Twisted Apron is warm and intimate, making it an ideal spot for a romantic dinner or special occasion. With its attentive service and exceptional cuisine, this restaurant deserves its spot on our list of the top 10 best Kanata restaurants in Canada.

Website: http://www.walkervilleeatery.com

10. The Squirrel Cage 

The Squirrel Cage The Squirrel Cage is the perfect spot if you’re looking for a cozy and intimate dining experience. Tucked away in Kanata’s Hazeldean neighbourhood, this restaurant offers a relaxing ambiance that allows you to enjoy your meal at your own pace.

The menu features classic Canadian dishes with a modern twist, such as their famous Beef Wellington made with perfectly seasoned beef tenderloin and flaky puff pastry. Vegetarian options, including the delicious roasted vegetable risotto, are also available on the menu.

What sets The Squirrel Cage apart from other restaurants is their attention to detail when it comes to presentation. Each dish is beautifully plated, making every bite an aesthetic delight.

To complement your meal, The Squirrel Cage has an extensive wine list featuring local and international wines. Don’t hesitate to ask their knowledgeable staff for recommendations.

If you’re looking for a romantic night out or want to indulge in amazing food in a welcoming atmosphere, head to The Squirrel Cage!

Website: http://www.thesquirrelcage.ca


So there you have it, the top 10 best Kanata restaurants in Canada. From Mediterranean cuisine to Lebanese grills and Chinese BBQs, these restaurants offer diverse flavours and experiences for food lovers.

Whether you’re looking for a casual meal with friends or a romantic dinner with your significant other, Kanata has plenty of options. And with its thriving culinary scene, we can expect even more great restaurants to open up.

So next time you’re craving some delicious food in Kanata, check out one of these top-rated eateries. You won’t be disappointed!

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