Top 10 Best Real Estate Companies in Canada

Top 10 Best Real Estate Companies in Canada

Real estate is one of the most lucrative businesses in Canada. With this in mind, we have compiled our list of Canada’s best real estate companies.

Top 10 Best Real Estate Companies in Canada

1. Alex & Nick – Real Estate Brokers – M Real Estate

  • Alex & Nick - Real Estate BrokersAlex and Nick are a dynamic duo. They are passionate about real estate and have the experience to prove it.
  • They have been in the industry for years, so they know what works and what doesn’t when buying or selling a home or land transfer.
  • They’re also experts at negotiating with sellers on your behalf—and if there are any red flags during negotiations, they’ll help you identify them before moving forward with talks yourself!


2. Amy Assaad

Amy AssaadAmy Assaad is a real estate agent and broker in Montreal, Canada.

Amy’s approach to real estate is simple: they help people find their dream home or investment property by providing professional services, including market analysis, financing options, and more. They can also help you find a new home if you relocate from another province or country.

Amy takes pride in educating their clients about the Quebec housing market. Hence, they make informed decisions when purchasing property and how best to manage their finances once they move into their new dwelling space!


3. Beatrice Baudinet, Montreal Real Estate Broker

Beatrice BaudinetBeatrice Baudinet is a real estate broker in Montreal. The company has been in business for over the years, and she has sold over 100 properties to clients who are looking to buy or sell their homes.

Beatrice is also a member of the Real Estate Board of Greater Montreal (REBGV), which means that they are committed to upholding high standards when it comes to professionalism and ethics. The REBGV sets rules for all members so they can ensure that all transactions go smoothly; these include things like requiring agents to pass an annual training course on legal matters as well as recognizing independent contractors if they meet certain criteria (for example, they take care of all paperwork related to selling property).


4. Saguy Elbaz – Real Estate Broker

Saguy Elbaz - Real Estate BrokerSaguy Elbaz is a Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver member and has been involved in the real estate industry for over 10 years. They believe in providing their clients with sound advice and guidance on all aspects of their transactions.

Saguy Elbaz also offers services such as:

  • Expertise in buying or selling real estate – including negotiation skills, finance options, appraisals and more
  • Solutions regarding legal matters (property searches & closings)


5. Royal LePage GLOBAL

Royal LePage GLOBALRoyal LePage GLOBAL is a real estate company in Canada. It’s one of the largest brokerage firms in Canada, with more than 1,000 branches across the country.

The company’s brand stands for professionalism, expertise and service excellence. This organization believes that being an expert will help them achieve its goal: to offer buyers and sellers exceptional experiences when making important decisions about buying or selling homes online or face-to-face at any one of its locations across Canada.


6. Devloc Real Estate Agency

Devloc Real Estate AgencyDevloc Real Estate Agency is a real estate agency based in Montreal, Quebec. The company specializes in residential and commercial real estate.

It has operated for over 30 years and has more than 200 workers. They are one of Canada’s largest property management companies, with branches throughout the country and abroad.


7. Stonehaus Realty

Stonehaus RealtyStonehaus Realty is a full-service real estate brokerage firm based in Toronto. They have a team of experts who can help you find the right home for you, whether for sale or rent. Their goal is to help clients find their dream homes and get them into it as quickly and efficiently as possible so that they can start living their lives!


8. Blue List Realty Canada

Blue List Realty CanadaBlue List Realty Canada is a Toronto-based real estate brokerage that focuses on the sale of homes and condos in the GTA.

Their goal is to make the home buying or selling process as simple as possible while providing our clients with a high service level.

Their staff is trained to provide you with the best possible service, and they are here to help you every step of the way.


9. The Spring Team Real Estate

The Spring Team Real EstateThe Spring Team Real Estate is a real estate brokerage company, a family business and one of the oldest companies in Canada. The Spring Team Real Estate has been in business for over the years and has been recognized as one of Canada’s best real estate companies by their customers!

The team at this company is comprised of professionals with years of experience working together to provide exceptional service that meets or exceeds your expectations.


10. Pineda Group Real Estate – Brokered by eXp Realty

Pineda Group Real EstateIf you’re looking for a brokerage that offers the best real estate services, look no further than Pineda Group Real Estate. They are a real estate brokerage company based in Toronto, Ontario. The company has been offering high-quality services to their clients. Their experts are aware of all the latest trends and developments in the industry so that they can provide each client with customized solutions based on their individual needs.

They have access to thousands of listings across Canada and offer free market analysis reports, which will help you decide if now is the right time to buy or sell your home!



Many companies can be considered the best in Canada. The best real estate company has to understand your needs and wants and can provide you with a solution that will work for you. You should not just look at reviews or rankings but go through all of their services before deciding who they are. When choosing who will take care of your next home investment decision, many things must be considered, so do not make this decision lightly!

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