Best Restaurants in Banff

Top 10 Best Restaurants in Banff

Welcome to Banff, the picturesque town nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. With its breathtaking mountain views and crystal-clear lakes, it’s no surprise that Banff attracts millions of visitors every year. But what about its food scene? Well, let us tell you – it’s just as impressive! From cozy bistros to upscale restaurants, Banff has something for everyone. In this post, we’ll be exploring the top 10 best restaurants in Banff that are sure to tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more. So buckle up and get ready for a culinary journey through one of Canada’s most stunning destinations!

Top 10 Best Restaurants in Banff

1. Balkan Restaurant 

Balkan Restaurant Nestled in the heart of Banff, Balkan Restaurant is a hidden gem that offers an authentic taste of Eastern Europe. This warm and cozy restaurants atmosphere and warm hospitality make it one of the most popular dining spots in town.

The menu at Balkan Restaurant features traditional dishes from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and other countries in the region. One must-try dish is their famous Ćevapi – grilled meat sausages served with pita bread and ajvar sauce.

What sets Balkan Restaurant apart is its commitment to using fresh, high-quality ingredients sourced locally whenever possible. This not only ensures delicious food but also supports local farmers and producers.

Balkan Restaurant has got you covered whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner or a fun night out with friends. With its extensive wine list and delicious desserts like crepes filled with Nutella or homemade Baklava, there’s something to please everyone’s palate at this delightful eatery.


2. The Bison Restaurant 

The Bison Restaurant The Bison Restaurant is one of Banff’s top culinary destinations. The restaurant prides itself on using locally sourced ingredients and offering a farm-to-table dining experience.

Their menu features a variety of dishes that showcase the best of Canadian cuisine, from bison short ribs to Alberta beef tenderloin. They also offer vegetarian options like roasted beet salad and gnocchi with wild mushrooms.

The rustic yet elegant ambiance of The Bison Restaurant adds to the overall dining experience. Its exposed brick walls and cozy fireplace make it the perfect spot for a romantic dinner or special occasion.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable culinary journey in Banff, be sure to add The Bison Restaurant to your list.


3. Chucks Steakhouse 

Chucks Steakhouse Chucks Steakhouse is a must-visit destination for meat lovers in Banff. This cozy restaurant boasts an extensive menu of mouth-watering steak dishes that will satisfy even the most discerning palates.

What sets Chucks Steakhouse apart from other restaurants in Banff is its commitment to using only the finest ingredients. The restaurant sources locally raised beef and prepare it carefully, ensuring every dish is bursting with flavour.

The menu at Chucks Steakhouse features a wide range of cuts, from classic ribeyes to more adventurous options like bison and elk steaks. Each dish comes with a selection of sides, including creamed spinach, garlic mashed potatoes, and roasted root vegetables.

In addition to their fantastic food offerings, Chucks also has an impressive wine list featuring bottles from around the world. Their knowledgeable staff can help you select the perfect pairing for your meal.

If you’re looking for a top-quality steak experience in Banff, look no further than Chucks Steakhouse.


4. Masala Authentic Indian Cuisine

Masala Authentic Indian CuisineMasala Authentic Indian Cuisine in Banff is a must-visit spot for anyone craving delicious and flavorful Indian food. From the moment you step inside, the aroma of rich spices will transport you to India.

The menu at Masala Authentic Indian Cuisine features a wide variety of traditional Indian dishes, from savoury samosas to creamy butter chicken and spicy vindaloo. Vegetarians will also find plenty of options, including the popular chana masala and baingan bharta.

One standout dish at Masala is their biryani – fragrant basmati rice mixed with your choice of meat or vegetables, topped with nuts and raisins. It’s a hearty meal that’s perfect for sharing among friends or family.

Not only is the food at Masala top-notch, but the service is also exceptional. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable about each dish on the menu, always happy to offer recommendations or make modifications based on dietary restrictions.

If you’re looking for authentic Indian cuisine in Banff, Masala should definitely be on your list of restaurants to try.


5. Bear Street Tavern 

Bear Street Tavern Bear Street Tavern is a favourite among locals and tourists alike. Located in the heart of Banff, it offers a cozy ambiance perfect for relaxation after a long day of exploration.

The tavern’s menu boasts an impressive selection of pizzas that are cooked to perfection in their wood-fired oven. There’s something for everyone, from classic pepperoni to creative toppings like smoked salmon and brie cheese.

Apart from pizza, Bear Street Tavern also serves delicious burgers, salads, and appetizers that are perfect for sharing with friends or family. Their drink menu includes an extensive list of craft beers on tap and specialty cocktails.

One thing worth noting about this restaurant is its commitment to sustainability. They use locally sourced ingredients whenever possible and implement eco-friendly practices such as recycling and composting.

Bear Street Tavern is definitely a must-visit restaurant when in Banff. The food is delicious, the atmosphere is welcoming, and their dedication to sustainability sets them apart from other establishments in the area.


6. Magpie and Stump Restaurant 

Magpie and Stump Restaurant Magpie and Stump Restaurant is a popular hangout spot for locals and tourists alike. Situated in the heart of Banff, the restaurant boasts a cozy atmosphere complete with rustic decor and lively music that will make you feel right at home.

One of the standout features of Magpie and Stump is their extensive menu which offers an impressive selection of Mexican-inspired dishes made using only fresh ingredients. From classic tacos to hearty burritos, there’s something for everyone here.

If you’re feeling adventurous, be sure to try out some of their unique creations such as the Magpie Burger – a juicy beef patty topped with avocado salsa, jalapeno jack cheese, crispy bacon, lettuce and tomato all served on a brioche bun.

But what really sets this restaurant apart from others in Banff is their impressive tequila collectiown. With over 80 different types available, it’s safe to say that they take their margaritas seriously here!

Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a leisurely meal with friends or family, Magpie and Stump is definitely worth checking out during your stay in Banff.


7. Ticino Restaurant 

Ticino Restaurant Ticino Restaurant is a hidden gem in Banff that offers authentic Swiss and Italian cuisine. With a cozy and intimate atmosphere, this restaurant provides an ideal dining experience for couples or small groups.

Their menu features dishes such as fondue, gnocchi, spaghetti carbonara, and steak with roasted potatoes that are cooked to perfection using only the freshest ingredients available. The extensive wine list perfectly complements any meal choice.

The staff at Ticino Restaurant provides exceptional service by creating a warm and inviting environment for diners. They are knowledgeable about the menu items and can offer recommendations based on individuals preferences.

One of the unique aspects of Ticino Restaurant is their outdoor patio area which has breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. This makes it an excellent spot to enjoy dinner during warmer months while taking in Banff’s natural beauty.

Ticino Restaurant is an excellent choice for those looking to indulge in delicious Swiss-Italian cuisine while enjoying impeccable service in a cozy setting with stunning mountain views.


8. Saffron Indian Bistro

Saffron Indian BistroSaffron Indian Bistro is one of the top-rated restaurants in Banff. The restaurant has a cozy and intimate atmosphere that makes it perfect for couples or small groups. As soon as you step inside, the aroma of spices and herbs will tantalize your senses.

The menu at Saffron Indian Bistro offers a variety of authentic Indian dishes, including vegetarian options. They use fresh and high-quality ingredients to create their flavorful dishes that are cooked to perfection. You can find classic Indian dishes like butter chicken, biryani rice, samosas, and naan bread.

One dish that stands out on their menu is the lamb rogan josh – tender chunks of lamb cooked in aromatic spices with tomato and onion gravy served with basmati rice. The flavors are rich and complex making this dish an absolute must-try!

Not only does Saffron Indian Bistro offer delicious food but also excellent service from their friendly staff who always make sure customers have a great dining experience.

If you’re looking for a unique dining experience with bold flavors and exotic spices, Saffron Indian Bistro should definitely be on your list!


9. The Eddie Burger + Bar 

The Eddie Burger + Bar The Eddie Burger + Bar is a must-visit restaurant if you’re looking for delicious burgers and drinks in Banff. This cozy establishment offers a range of juicy burgers made with locally sourced ingredients, including beef, bison, elk, and veggie options.

With its laid-back atmosphere and friendly staff, The Eddie Burger + Bar is the perfect place to unwind after a day of exploring Banff National Park. You can relax at the bar while sipping on one of their signature cocktails or enjoy your meal in their outdoor patio during summer.

One thing that sets this restaurant apart from others is their commitment to sustainability. They use compostable takeout containers and cutlery and donate all food waste to local farmers for animal feed. It’s great to see a business prioritizing environmental responsibility alongside serving delicious food.

The Eddie Burger + Bar provides an exceptional dining experience for burger lovers who want great service in a welcoming environment. Be sure to stop by when you’re visiting Banff!


10. Añejo Restaurant 

Añejo Restaurant Nestled in the heart of Banff, Añejo Restaurant is a Mexican restaurant that offers a unique culinary experience. The vibrant ambiance and lively atmosphere make it an ideal spot for dining with friends or family.

At Añejo, you can expect authentic Mexican cuisine from fresh ingredients sourced locally. The menu features classic dishes like tacos, enchiladas, and burritos alongside innovative creations such as octopus ceviche and grilled cactus salad.

To complement your meal, Añejo also has an impressive cocktail list that includes margaritas made with freshly squeezed juices and premium tequilas. They even have their own branded tequila!

The customer service at Añejo is outstanding – the staff are friendly and knowledgeable about the menu offerings. Plus, they go above and beyond to ensure that each guest has a memorable dining experience.

If you’re looking for delicious Mexican food in Banff served in a fun and energetic atmosphere, then look no further than Añejo Restaurant!



Banff is a food lover’s paradise with various restaurants catering to all tastes and budgets. From local cuisine to international flavours, there is something for everyone in this charming mountain town.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner with your partner or a family-friendly spot that can accommodate picky eaters, the top 10 best restaurants in Banff offer an unforgettable dining experience.

So next time you find yourself exploring the Canadian Rockies, be sure to check out some of these amazing eateries. Who knows? You might discover your new favourite restaurant!

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