Restaurants in Laval

Top 10 Best Restaurants in Laval

Looking for delicious and diverse dining options in Laval? Look no further! This vibrant city is home to some of the best restaurants in Quebec, ranging from traditional French cuisine to contemporary fusion fare. Whether you’re a foodie on the hunt for your next culinary adventure or simply looking for a cozy spot to enjoy a romantic dinner, Laval has something for everyone. In this blog post, we’ve curated a list of Top 10 Best Restaurants Laval that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more. So let’s dive into the mouth-watering world of Laval’s finest eateries!

Top 10 Best Restaurants Laval

1. Amir 


Amir is a delightful Mediterranean restaurant located in the heart of Laval. As you step inside, you’re greeted by a warm, inviting atmosphere that instantly puts you at ease. The decor is simple yet elegant, with sleek wooden tables and cozy lighting that create an intimate setting for any occasion.

One of the standout dishes at Amir is their famous shawarma, which features tender slices of marinated meat wrapped in soft pita bread alongside fresh vegetables and creamy hummus. Try their delicious tabbouleh salad or juicy grilled chicken skewers if you want something lighter.

In addition to its mouth-watering cuisine, Amir also offers excellent service from friendly staff who go above and beyond to make your dining experience unforgettable. Whether you’re stopping by for lunch or dinner, Amir is worth checking out if you’re looking for authentic Mediterranean flavours in Laval!


2. Hiro Sushi Laval 

Hiro Sushi Laval 

When it comes to sushi, Hiro Sushi Laval is one of the top destinations in the city. This Japanese restaurant offers a wide selection of delicious fresh sushi rolls that satisfy any craving.

One thing that sets Hiro Sushi Laval apart from other sushi restaurants is their attention to detail. Each roll is carefully crafted with precision and care, resulting in beautiful and tasty creations. From classic rolls like California and spicy tuna to more unique options like the Dragon Roll, there’s something for everyone on the menu.

In addition to their impressive selection of sushi rolls, Hiro Sushi Laval also offers a variety of other Japanese dishes, such as teriyaki chicken and udon noodles. And if you’re not in the mood for raw fish, they even have cooked sushi options.

The atmosphere at Hiro Sushi Laval is modern yet cozy – perfect for a date night or dinner with friends. The service is always friendly and attentive, making your dining experience all the more enjoyable.

If you’re looking for high-quality and delicious sushi in Laval, be sure to give Hiro Sushi a try!


3. Pastavera 


If you’re looking for authentic Italian cuisine in Laval, look no further than Pastavera. This family-owned restaurant has been serving delicious homemade pasta dishes since 1992 and has become a beloved local institution.

One of the standout dishes at Pastavera is their gnocchi al gorgonzola, which features soft potato dumplings smothered in a creamy blue cheese sauce. The lasagna alla bolognese is also a crowd favorite, with layers of fresh pasta sheets baked in tomato meat sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese.

But it’s not just about the pasta at Pastavera – they also have an impressive selection of antipasti like their Caprese salad made with ripe tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella or their calamari fritti served with zesty marinara sauce.

And don’t forget to save room for dessert! Their tiramisu is light and fluffy without being too sweet, making it the perfect end to your meal.

If you’re craving classic Italian comfort food made with love and care, head to Pastavera. You won’t be disappointed!


4. Chez Minh 

Chez Minh

One of the standout dishes at Chez Minh is their pho soup, which is made from a flavorful beef broth and served with rice noodles, beef slices, onions, cilantro, bean sprouts, and lime wedges. It’s a perfect meal for those looking for something hearty yet light.

Another must-try dish at Chez Minh is their banh mi sandwich filled with grilled meat or tofu on fresh bread topped with pickled carrots and daikon radish. This sandwich’s combination of flavors and textures will leave you wanting more.

If you’re feeling adventurous or love seafood, try their shrimp spring rolls filled with vermicelli noodles wrapped in rice paper and peanut sauce. These spring rolls are light but full of flavor, making them an ideal appetizer to start your meal.

Chez Minh provides visitors with authentic Vietnamese food in an inviting atmosphere where every bite feels like home cooking.


5. La Ferronnerie 

La Ferronnerie 

La Ferronnerie is a unique restaurant in the heart of Laval that specializes in contemporary French cuisine. As soon as you enter, you’ll be amazed by the industrial decor with exposed brick walls and metal accents.

Their menu offers a wide range of fresh ingredients from local producers such as foie gras terrine, duck confit, steak frites and seafood platters. You can also try their delicious homemade desserts like crème brûlée or chocolate mousse.

The wine list is impressive too, with an extensive selection of French wines. They even have some rare vintage bottles for those who want to splurge on something special.

What sets La Ferronnerie apart is their attention to detail and impeccable service. The staff know the menu and will make recommendations based on your preferences.

If you’re looking for a sophisticated dining experience with excellent food and wine, La Ferronnerie should be at the top of your list when searching for restaurants in Laval.


6. Restaurant Solymar Laval 

Restaurant Solymar Laval 

Restaurant Solymar Laval is a must-visit for seafood enthusiasts. Located in the heart of Laval, this restaurant offers an extensive menu that boasts paella, lobster and grilled octopus.

The restaurant’s ambiance is warm and welcoming with dim lighting and rustic decor, giving it a cozy feel. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable about the menu and provide excellent customer service.

One dish that stands out on their menu is the seafood platter, consisting of fresh shrimp, mussels, clams and oysters served with homemade sauces. Each dish is cooked to perfection using only fresh ingredients which makes each bite more flavorful than the last.

In addition to their delicious food options, they also have an impressive wine selection that pairs well with any meal you choose. Overall Restaurant Solymar Laval provides a unique dining experience that will satisfy your taste buds!


7. Harvey’s 


Harvey’s is a popular fast-food restaurant serving delicious burgers and fries for over 60 years. In Laval, Harvey’s offers an extensive menu of classic fast-food favorites perfect for a quick bite.

Their juicy burgers are made with 100% Canadian beef and can be customized to suit your taste buds. From traditional toppings like lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, ketchup and mustard to more unique options such as jalapeños, onion rings or poutine topping – you name it!

In addition to their signature flame-grilled burgers, Harvey’s also serves hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, veggie burgers and salads. Their sides include crispy French fries or onion rings, perfectly complementing your meal.

What sets Harvey’s apart from other fast-food chains is its commitment to using fresh ingredients and cooking everything on the spot to ensure maximum freshness. You can even watch them grill your burger right in front of you!

Head to Harvey’s if you’re craving good old-fashioned fast food while exploring Laval City!


8. Restaurant Le Pirate De Laval 

Restaurant Le Pirate De Laval 

Located in the heart of Laval, Restaurant Le Pirate De Laval is a hidden gem that offers an exceptional dining experience. The restaurant’s nautical theme and decor give off a relaxing vibe that will make you feel like you’re on vacation.

The menu features delicious seafood options, including fresh oysters, lobster bisque, and shrimp linguine. However, the restaurant also caters to meat lovers with grilled lamb chops and Black Angus steak dishes.

Not only does Restaurant Le Pirate De Laval serve fantastic food, but their wine list is also worth mentioning. The selection includes imported wines from France and Italy and local Quebec wineries.

The service at this restaurant is impeccable. The staff members are friendly, knowledgeable about the menu items, and attentive to your needs throughout your meal.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic night out or want to treat yourself to some delicious seafood or meat dishes while enjoying beautiful surroundings, Restaurant Le Pirate De Laval should be on your list of restaurants to try in Laval.


9. Chez Lionel 

Chez Lionel 

Chez Lionel is a cozy and charming restaurant in Laval’s heart. With its warm ambiance and friendly staff, it’s no wonder that this place has become a local favourite.

The menu at Chez Lionel offers a mix of classic French dishes with some Canadian influences. From escargots to poutine, there’s something for everyone here. Every dish’s attention to detail is evident, as the ingredients are fresh and perfectly cooked.

One standout dish at Chez Lionel is their beef bourguignon, which comes with tender pieces of beef slow-cooked in red wine sauce and served with mashed potatoes. Another must-try item on the menu is their creme brulee, which is divine.

The decor inside Chez Lionel is elegant yet cozy, featuring dark wood panelling and soft lighting that creates a relaxing atmosphere perfect for enjoying good food and drinks with friends or family.

In addition to its delicious food offerings, Chez Lionel boasts an extensive wine list that perfectly complements each dish. Whether you’re looking for a romantic night out or just want to enjoy some great French cuisine, you won’t be disappointed by what Chez Lionel offers!


10. Edmond Bistro 

Edmond Bistro 

Edmond Bistro is a gem located in the heart of Laval. The elegant yet cozy atmosphere makes it a perfect spot for a romantic date night or an intimate gathering with friends and family.

The menu at Edmond Bistro features classic French cuisine with modern twists, using fresh and high-quality ingredients. The restaurant also offers an extensive wine list to pair your meal perfectly.

One dish not to be missed is their famous duck confit served alongside roasted potatoes and seasonal vegetables. Their seafood dishes are also highly recommended, especially the pan-seared scallops.

Service at Edmond Bistro is impeccable, making diners feel welcomed and attended to throughout their dining experience. The staff’s knowledge of the menu and wine selection only adds to the exceptional service.

Edmond Bistro offers an unforgettable dining experience that will leave you planning your next visit before leaving the restaurant.



After exploring the top 10 best restaurants in Laval, it’s clear that this city has something to offer for everyone. From authentic Asian cuisine to delicious Italian pasta and juicy burgers at Harvey’s, there is no shortage of culinary delights in Laval.

Whether you’re a visitor to the area or a local looking for new dining experiences, these restaurants are sure to impress with their unique menus, high-quality ingredients and excellent service.

So next time you plan a night out or crave some good food, check out one of these top-notch restaurants in Laval. You won’t be disappointed!

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