Where to Watch Harry Potter in Canada

Where to Watch Harry Potter in Canada?

Are you a die-hard Harry Potter fan living in Canada and wondering where to watch your favorite wizarding world movies? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with this comprehensive guide on where to stream the iconic Harry Potter series in Canada. Whether you’re looking for free options or are willing to pay, we’ll explore all the available streaming services so you won’t miss a magical moment. So keep reading to discover how and where to watch Harry Potter in Canada!

Where can I watch Harry Potter for free in Canada?

A few options are available if you’re looking for a way to watch Harry Potter for free in Canada. One of the most popular ways is through your local library system. Many public libraries offer free access to streaming services such as Hoopla and Kanopy, including Harry Potter movies.

Another option is to sign up for a free trial of streaming services that carry Harry Potter. For example, Crave offers a 7-day free trial, while Amazon Prime Video offers a 30-day free trial period. Just remember to cancel before the end of the trial period if you don’t want to be charged!

Where can I watch Harry Potter for free in Canada

You can also check out websites that provide links to unauthorized streams or downloads of Harry Potter movies. However, we do not recommend this method as it violates copyright laws and may result in legal consequences.

While watching Harry Potter for free may seem tempting, it’s important to consider supporting legal streaming options that compensate creators and actors appropriately for their hard work and talent.

Is Harry Potter on Crave in Canada?

You may have heard of Crave if you’re a Canadian Harry Potter fan and wondering where to watch the magical series. But is Harry Potter on Crave in Canada? The answer is yes!

Crave has all eight Harry Potter movies available for streaming. However, it’s important to note that you need to subscribe to the Movies + HBO or Starz add-ons in addition to your base subscription to access them.

But what exactly is Crave? It’s a streaming service owned by Bell Media that offers a variety of TV shows and movies from multiple networks like HBO, Showtime, Starz and more. While it is mostly known for its selection of popular TV shows like Game of Thrones or Friends, it also offers great movie options like the entire Harry Potter collection.

Is Harry Potter on Crave in Canada

So if you’re already subscribed or planning on subscribing to Crave with either add-on option mentioned above, then watching your favorite wizard has never been easier!

How to Watch Harry Potter on Netflix Canada?

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter and have a Netflix Canada subscription, then good news for you! You can watch all eight movies on Netflix Canada in the Harry Potter franchise. But how do you go about doing it?

Firstly, make sure that your Netflix plan includes access to movies. If you don’t already have one, sign up for a monthly subscription. Once signed in, type “Harry Potter” into the search bar and voila! All eight movies should be available to stream.

But what if they’re not? Sometimes titles come and go on streaming platforms due to licensing agreements. In that case, try clearing your cache or logging out and back into your account. If the problem persists, contact Netflix customer service.

Another option is using VPN services to access other countries’ versions of Netflix that may have Harry Potter available for streaming. However, remember that this goes against the terms of use of both Netflix and VPN providers.

Watching Harry Potter on Netflix Canada is relatively easy as long as you have an active subscription with access to the movies section!

Is Harry Potter still on Netflix Canada?

If you’re a Harry Potter fan looking to stream movies in Canada, you may be wondering if they’re still available on Netflix. Unfortunately, as of January 2021, all eight films have been removed from the platform.

While this is disappointing news for those hoping to binge-watch the series on Netflix Canada, other options are still available. Some streaming services offer different titles depending on where you live or what package you subscribe to, so it’s worth checking multiple platforms.

However, it’s important to note that this could change even if Harry Potter isn’t currently available on a particular streaming service in Canada. These platforms regularly update their libraries with new content and rotate older titles out.

Is Harry Potter still on Netflix Canada

So while Harry Potter may not be on Netflix Canada, fans can still find ways to watch their favorite wizarding world adventures through other avenues. From renting or buying digital copies online to subscribing to different streaming services that offer them – there are plenty of options out there for fans in search of some magical entertainment.

Is Harry Potter on Netflix or Amazon Prime?

One of the most popular streaming services people turn to for entertainment is Netflix. So, it’s unsurprising that many Harry Potter fans in Canada wonder if they can watch their favorite wizarding world movies on this platform.

Unfortunately, as of 2021, Harry Potter movies are no longer available on Netflix Canada. The same goes for Amazon Prime Video. Unfortunately, this means you won’t be able to stream any of the eight films using these two platforms.

However, it’s worth noting that both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video regularly add new titles to their libraries. So Harry Potter movies might become available again in the future. But until then, you’ll have to look elsewhere if you want to binge-watch all the adventures of “The Boy Who Lived.”

But don’t worry! Other options are available where you can still enjoy watching your favorite Hogwarts students cast spells and fight evil forces. Keep reading this blog post to find out where else you can stream the beloved franchise in Canada!

Is Harry Potter on Disney Plus?

Many fans of Harry Potter have been eagerly waiting for the franchise to be added to Disney+. However, Harry Potter is currently unavailable on this streaming platform. This is because different companies currently hold the rights to the movies.

In Canada, Warner Bros. holds the distribution rights to all eight Harry Potter films and has licensed them to various streaming services like Netflix and Crave. On the other hand, Disney+ has only acquired rights to stream content produced by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, including Pixar, Marvel Studios, Star Wars and National Geographic.

It’s important for users in Canada looking for where they can watch Harry Potter online that they explore their options with other subscription-based streaming services like Netflix or Crave until any updates about a deal between Warner Bros. and Disney+ arise.

Is Harry Potter free on Amazon Prime?

Many wonder whether they can watch Harry Potter for free on Amazon Prime. Unfortunately, the answer is no. While Amazon Prime offers a wide selection of movies and TV shows as part of its subscription service, the Harry Potter franchise isn’t among them.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t watch Harry Potter on Amazon Prime at all. The platform does offer digital rentals and purchases of all eight films in the series for an affordable price. This means that you can rent or buy any movie from the comfort of your own home without having to go out and purchase physical copies.

Is Harry Potter free on Amazon Prime

Additionally, if you have a subscription to HBO Max through Amazon Channels on your Prime Video account, you can stream all eight Harry Potter movies there instead. However, remember that this requires an additional monthly fee for access.

So while it may not be free to watch Harry Potter on Amazon Prime, it’s still an accessible option with various purchasing choices available depending on what works best for your budget and preferences.

Is Harry Potter available on Amazon Prime?

As one of the most popular streaming services, Amazon Prime is a go-to choice for many viewers looking to watch their favourite movies and TV shows. However, things get a bit tricky when it comes to Harry Potter.

The short answer is no; the Harry Potter series isn’t available on Amazon Prime in Canada. Unfortunately, despite being such a massive franchise, none of the eight films is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video or included with an Amazon Prime membership.

But that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck if you want to watch Harry Potter online. There are still plenty of options available if you want to enjoy this magical world from your own home.

Some streaming platforms offer individual rentals or purchases for each movie. For example, you can rent or buy all eight films separately at varying prices on Amazon’s video-on-demand service (Amazon Video).

Another option is subscribing to other streaming platforms where the Harry Potter series is available, like Netflix and Crave.

Which streaming service has Harry Potter?

One of the most frequently asked questions by Harry Potter fans in Canada is: which streaming service has Harry Potter? Well, the answer isn’t as straightforward as you might hope. Unfortunately, there is no one-stop shop for all things Hogwarts in Canada.

For starters, Crave doesn’t have Harry Potter in its library anymore. However, Netflix Canada used to have the entire series on their platform until it was removed on January 15th, 2020.

Although Amazon Prime Video does not currently offer the movies to stream for free with a subscription, they do provide rental and purchase options for each of the eight films. Unfortunately, Disney Plus also does not have any of the movies available to watch at this time.

But don’t lose hope just yet! You can still get your fix by renting or purchasing through various online platforms such as Google Play Movies & TV or Apple TV.

To sum up, if you want to stream all eight Harry Potter films without paying extra fees, there isn’t an option right now. However, you can still rent or buy them from the abovementioned services!


There are various streaming services in Canada where you can watch Harry Potter. Crave is the best option if you want to stream all eight movies without any additional cost. Unfortunately, Netflix Canada has only a few of them available on their platform, but with a VPN, you can change your location and access them from other countries’ Netflix libraries.

Disney Plus does not have Harry Potter yet, as Warner Bros. owns it, while Amazon Prime offers some of the films for rent or purchase at an extra fee. However, it’s important to note that availability may vary based on location and time, so always check before subscribing or renting.

Whether you prefer watching online with friends or binge-watching alone in bed, these streaming services provide easy access to one of the most beloved movie franchises out there. So grab your wand and settle in for an epic adventure into the wizarding world!

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